Office: E2-1, 4226

Tel : 042-350-3174

Ph.D Students

Duyeon Kim

      • Research Interests: Reinforcement learning for scheduling, abnormal detection for time series data

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Jehun Lee

      • Research Interests: Reinforcement learning for scheduling, scheduling of general assembly systems, machine learning-based machine assignment

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Sang-Wook Lee

      • Research Interests: Scheduling automation for smart factory

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Jeongsun Ahn

      • Research Interests: Petri-net based optimization method, time series analysis

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Woo-Jin Shin

      • Research Interests: Crane scheduling, combinatorial optimization and reinforcement learning

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M.S. Students

Sang-Hyun Cho

      • Research Interests: Multi-objective scheduling, reinforcement learning

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Chae-Young Kim

      • Research Interests: Rescheduling, reinforcement learning

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Hong-Yeon Kim

      • Research Interests: Reinforcement learning, circuit routing

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Undergraduate Students

Ji-min Park

      • Research Interests: outsourced nurse scheduling

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