Undergraduate Courses

Engineering Economy

This course is to understand the basic concepts of economics in engineering, including numerical theories of discrete and continuous compounding formulas and interest calculations, economic equivalence, analysis of investment alternatives.

Production Management

This course covers the issues in the design and operations of production and service systems. Major topics include decisions on operations strategy, product and process design, demand forecasting, inventory management, planning, scheduling, and project management.

Supply Chain Management

This course introduces quantitative and qualitative techniques used in supply chain management to achieve competitive advantage. The focus is on models for production, inventory, distribution, transportation, and site selection.

Graduate Course

Scheduling Theory and Applications

This course is an introduction to scheduling theory, algorithms, and its applications for both undergraduate and graduate students. Various scheduling problems in production systems, project management and services will be discussed with respect to resources, tasks, problem structures and performance measures. In addition, complexity analysis and some of general solution techniques including mixed integer programming, branch and bound technique, dynamic programming and heuristics are introduced.